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Nov 2, 2018

The demands of pregnancy can lead to dental problems in some women. In Episode 21, Dr. Chuck explains why an expectant mother’s periodontal health is vital to the health of her baby, and how she can avoid the problems that sometimes arise during pregnancy.

Here are some links to medical studies and articles that explain more about the connection between pregnancy complications and gum disease:

  • American Academy of Periodontology: Expectant Mothers’ Periodontal Health Vital to Health of Her Baby. Read
  • Babble: Gum Disease and Complications During Pregnancy. Read
  • ScienceDirect: Periodontal disease and pregnancy outcomes: exposure, risk and intervention. Read
  • Dentaid: Periodontal disease and pregnancy. Read
  • Medical Life Sciences News: Periodontitis and Pregnancy. Read
  • Victoria State Government (Australia): Pregnancy and teeth. Read
  • The Blue Room: The link between pregnancy complications and gum disease. Read