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Jul 27, 2018

Did you know Dr. Chuck’s dental practice has more than 250 patients age 90 or older? He outlines some of the challenges involved in caring for a “mature” mouth, and he also shares a study that says people who keep their teeth healthy live an average of 10 years longer than those who don’t.

Jul 19, 2018

“Your Filthy Mouth” is more than a podcast. We introduce you to the website, where you can listen to previous episodes and questions of the week, view videos, read Dr. Chuck’s blog, ask questions about oral health, and find links to dozens of studies and stories about how what happens in your mouth affects the...

Jul 13, 2018

The human body is a lot like a car. Maintain it properly and you can go a long time without any serious problems. Dr. Chuck lists four steps to taking charge of your health.