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Nov 27, 2018

If you think dental care is expensive, just consider the cost of dental neglect. In this episode, Dr. Chuck explains the difference between being “proactive,” which is taking role in the care of your mouth before there’s an issue, and being “reactive,” which is waiting until there’s a problem that needs to...

Nov 20, 2018

The purpose of “Your Filthy Mouth” is to bridge the gap between dentists and physicians when it comes to oral-systemic health. In this episode, Dr. Chuck welcomes local cardiologist Dr. Sule Salami and they talk about the importance of working together to ensure the overall wellness of their common patients.

Nov 8, 2018

While going to a dentist who advertises a “free first exam” can be a good first step towards a healthy mouth, keep in mind that many of these exams are just basic, cursory checkups, and a more thorough evaluation is needed. In Episode 22, Dr. Chuck outlines the steps in a comprehensive examination.

Nov 2, 2018

The demands of pregnancy can lead to dental problems in some women. In Episode 21, Dr. Chuck explains why an expectant mother’s periodontal health is vital to the health of her baby, and how she can avoid the problems that sometimes arise during pregnancy.

Here are some links to medical studies and articles that...